The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail

30th April 2022 – 12th June 2022

Prior to the historic celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on 2nd June 2022 you can take part in our specially created, augmented reality trail in Camberley.

Located around Camberley Town Centre are seven magical characters on a day trip from Buckingham Palace. Join Sir Barnaby Beacon on the trail as he visits his friends, you’ll be able to see them augmented reality, decide what happens next in the story and even win a free digital fun pack at the end. Not only that, but each of the characters will tell you about a decade in The Queen’s historic seventy-year reign.

Excitingly, you will then be able to see the characters come to life in augmented reality. Once you have collected all 7 stamps you’ll be rewarded with the conclusion to the adventure and be able to take selfies with digital prize badges ‘pinned’ to them, to share with your friends!

To start our trail click here now!

To take part simply:

1. Visit the website to see the trail map

2. Visit each of the characters

3. Scan their unique QR codes with your smartphone, learn more of the story and take a hilarious selfie with the character in AR

4. When you’ve found them all, download your free digital fun pack