*For the attention of all Camberley BID Businesses ONLY*

Achievements Newsletter & Survey

We need your support… Please complete our Renewal Ballot survey!

In June this year, all businesses in Camberley will have the chance to vote for Collectively Camberley’s 3rd term, in our Renewal Ballot. A YES vote will ensure that the BID will continue to work with you and your business from October 2021 – October 2026.

We are starting our Renewal Campaign and have created an Achievements Newsletter for you to view that looks back on everything that the BID has done over the past 5 years. You can now view this below!

We want Camberley, not only to continue doing what it does well, but to be an example of excellence as we slowly reopen and recover, to ensure that we develop a thriving trading environment and keep pace with a marketplace that is in constant flux.

As a starting point, it is important we know what has worked well for you to date, what needs further improvement and what new things we can do. It is your ideas and feedback that will form the basis and content of our next BID Business Plan.

We have produced a Renewal Ballot Survey for all BID Businesses to take part in (It should only take a few minutes.) It is vital for you to complete this in order for your business to shape the future BID in Camberley…

View the Achievements Newsletter Here

Take our Collectively Camberley Renewal Ballot Survey

BID Renewal Online Consultation Workshops

This term of the Collectively Camberley BID will come to an end in October 2021. Working on behalf of the 400+ eligible businesses in the Town Centre, our primary purpose is to market and manage activities to attract more people and spend.

Our Board of Directors (drawn from local business representatives who work on a voluntary basis) and driven by a private sector management approach have work tirelessy particularly in these challenging times to ensure that we have delivered for you and been your voice.

Over £200,000 per annum is currently collected in levy each year to deliver marketing programmes, events, a safer and  welcoming town and business support.

BIDs are required to vote every 5 years to renew their mandate and it is now that time again. Our existing term will come to an end unless the majority of businesses vote YES to continue it for another 5 years all current activity, marketing and events will cease.

To secure another term we need to stage a renewal ballot in June 2021 and produce a new 5-year Business Plan on which eligible businesses will vote on. To help us prepare this plan we need your help.

In the wake of COVID-19 and with our business environments ever more fragile, continuing to work in partnership, supporting one another and promoting the town centre professionally remains absolutely vital.

As an eligible business we would like to speak to all BID Businesses so you can have your say! If you wish to set up a meeting please email info@collectivelycamberley.co.uk and we can arrange a time and date!