The Atrium X The Autism Trust’s Planter Project

The Atrium X The Autism Trust’s Planter Project

Growing Together: Empowering ASD Talent to create green Spaces

The Atrium and The Autism Trust (TAT) have joined forces for a new ‘Planters Project’ in Camberley. This partnership aims to create bee-friendly planters using reclaimed pallets donated by tenants at the scheme. The Autism Trust’s Team, known for their ‘ARTism’ expertise, have used their talent to bring the planters to life by painting them using their chosen art from the Shop & Gallery. Each Planter represents their choices of what they like and that helps their mental health about each Season.

Polly’s Place Shop & Artism Gallery, as part of The Autism Trust, offers an extensive programme that encompasses ASDAN training and a diverse range of subjects, including gardening and horticulture for its Service Users. Participating in this programme equips individuals with Autism Spectrum (AS) with valuable skills and knowledge in these fields. As part of this ongoing project, trained members will apply their expertise in actively maintaining and nurturing the planters. With their gardening and horticulture skills, they will ensure that the planters are carefully tended to yearlong through.

This initiative not only provides an opportunity for individuals with Autism to showcase their talents and abilities in gardening, but it also fosters a sense of purpose and accomplishment. By being actively involved in maintaining the planters, they can continue to develop their skills, build confidence, and contribute to the overall success and sustainability of the project.

The ‘Planters Project’ is a remarkable example of collaboration, involving various key stakeholders. The commitment and participation of the centre manager and team, as well as the involvement of ABM in the creation and construction of the planters. The project has also received generous support from tenants at The Atrium who donated the pallets to be reclaimed as well as resources from the day provided by Login. While service partners Churchill Group and G4S have stepped in to contribute both their time as volunteers and resources for purchasing soil, plants, and paint. The project’s success will also be made possible by the exceptional creativity and horticultural skills of The Autism Trust.

Planters will be placed at the entrance to The Atrium, where customers can appreciate TAT Team’s efforts, LOCATED AT THE Park Street entrance opposite Starbucks.

Jonathan Dowsett, Centre Manager at The Atrium said; “We are incredibly proud to be part of this project that deeply engages all stakeholders through collaborative efforts. During our visit to Polly’s Place, we were truly amazed by the exceptional artwork displayed and available for sale, with proceeds directly benefiting the talented artists involved. Inspired by this, along with a deeper appreciation for the meaningful work accomplished by The Autism Trust, the idea for the ‘Planters Project’ was born.”

Mo Wilson, General Manager of The Autism Trust at Polly’s Place, said “This collaboration has been a wonderful opportunity for all at the Training Centre to use their skills to bring to the public joyful and mindful reminders of each season chosen from the Art & Crafts at POLLY’S Place Shop & Artism Gallery, where people and supporters with autism send in their artwork to be sold, of which they get 50% back to create more fantastic creations. We are all incredibly proud of the wonderful hard work, care and time and effort put into each planter. We are so grateful for this opportunity.

We wish to Thank all the wonderful people who have been involved in this project and for making us feel so welcome at The Atrium during the artwork creation phase.  We very much look forward to the next phase of maintaining them.”