PRIDE in Surrey Comes To Camberley!

2022 sees an even bigger and better PRIDE event in Surrey, and this time it’s coming to Camberley!

2022 sees an even bigger and better PRIDE event in Surrey, and this time it’s coming to Camberley!  On Saturday 27th August the event will be held at Watchetts Recreation Ground, and it is going to be really unique!  As a Camberley-based business, we are delighted to further develop our relationship with the LGBTQIA+ community and to really immerse ourselves in this wonderful celebration.

Knight Ceremonies are an inclusive independent celebrant team that create and conduct bespoke ceremonies for couples and families across the South.  We work with many LGBTQIA+ couples, and guide, support and encourage them to have the ceremony that they want, and to have one that really reflects who they are.  We are positively validating people and their relationships within the community, we embrace gender diversity and however individuals choose to present themselves, or identify, we welcome everyone.  We celebrate love in all of its wonderful forms and are so excited to be able to do something really special at this year’s summer Pride event for this valued and wonderfully diverse part of our community.

We are delighted to have a working partnership with Pride in Surrey and we have a great opportunity this year to welcome people to the main stage to celebrate something special, be it coming out, validation, a proposal, even a wedding or renewal of vows.  My team and I are going to be welcoming everyone and helping them to have a fab time.  Those attending, can enter using the link below, and the Pride in Surrey team will select a lucky few to come up on stage to be celebrated!

(Entries close on 12th August 2022).

“Pride is about acceptance of everyone, recognising the challenges our community still face worldwide and standing up, in solidarity with those people to say; you are not alone, you are loved, and we will stand by you like we all stood together as 1 community at the Stonewall Inn for the very first riot that was the catalyst of what we see as Pride today.  Pride in Surrey are thrilled to be working alongside Jenny and her team at Knight Ceremonies accepting people for who they truly are or for who they truly love or find physical attraction toward”. Stephen Ireland (Founder – Pride in Surrey)

We look forward to seeing you there!  Details about the event and how you can obtain tickets can be found here: