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Located on Park Street, Bill’s Camberley restaurant is packed with atmosphere and character. With a pretty seating area to the front, there are quiet booths and seating areas, as well as big sharing tables.

My Dad spent his life growing stuff, and the Bill’s story started many years ago when he showed me a small space, not much bigger than a shed, just off the high street in Lewes, in East Sussex. Make of it what you will, he said. I‘d grown up planting, pruning and picking fresh fruit and vegetables, so I opened a tiny greengrocery shop.

A few years later I moved the shop on to the high street and everything was going well until the town was hit by a flood in 2000. My shop was ruined (so was my house, further down the street, but that’s another story). So, we had to start again, only this time we added a café.

Often with more luck than judgement, we set out to create something amazing, with great food, a real buzz, and plenty to look at - a place for everyone. We had a lot of support - from our customers and suppliers, and from the lovely people who came to work with us and, to our surprise, we became a bit of a sensation.

Since then we’ve grown. But those values we had back then - to serve really good food, to make sure every customer has a good time, and go that bit further to make sure Bill’s is always somewhere people want to come back to - are still the same. Bill Collison, Founder of Bill’s.

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42 Park Street, The Atrium, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3PL

Telephone: 01276 64667

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8.00am - 11.00pm

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