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The Massage Company - Qualified Massage Therapist

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The Massage Company - Qualified Massage Therapist


The Massage Company

Job summary

We believe you should look forward to coming to work, then have a professional, active and healthy environment when you get there

Job description

The Massage Company™ is looking for good quality massage therapists for our multi-award winning flagship centre in Camberley. We operate a unique membership concept and more details can be found on
We believe you should look forward to coming to work, then have a professional, active and healthy environment when you get there. A successful TMC therapist is passionate about bringing high-quality massage to the mainstream, transforming it from the occasional or a treat to a routine and vital part of a better and balanced life for our customers.

The Massage Company™ offers our massage therapists:
? Flexible work schedules over 7 days
? The ability to earn a great salary
? A fully certified Massage Company Training programme (2 days) for all therapists and continual development beyond this
? Steady clientele
? Employee massages at reduced cost
? Professional and personal growth opportunities
? A great team environment with like-minded colleagues

Position requirements:
? Must be qualified to BTEC Level 3 or equivalent
? Knowledge of Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, and / or Sports Massage
? Willingness to learn more advanced techniques from our TMC Certified training programme, which is specifically designed to protect your joints from excessive pressures and extend your working career
? Must be customer service oriented and able to communicate effectively with clients, spa retreat supervisors and management
? Able to work a minimum of 12 hours per week
? Understand and believe in the physical and lifestyle benefits of high-quality, good value massage that fits in with our customers’ lives
? Perform consecutive 50-minute to 80-minute quality massage therapy sessions
? Promote our internal upgrades of hot stones, scalp massage, aromatherapy or ‘fantastic foot treatment’ (all will be trained)
? Design specific sessions based on client’s individual needs
? Promote the health and wellness benefits to client`s receiving massage therapy on a regular basis
? Create excellent experience for members/guests through friendly and helpful attitude
? Generate new clientele through promoting member referral and specific Massage Company sales programs
? Maintain professionalism and cleanliness of therapy rooms and common areas
? Must be eligible to work in the UK
? Must be able to speak a standard of English that enables you to communicate professionally with our clients

To apply for this position, please contact the employer.

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