Limpopo Biltong

We specialize in Cured Air dried meat, namely Biltong, Drywors and Bites. What separates us from all the other brands out there is our quality. We use the best quality certified British and Irish beef, crafting each product here.. Our products are MSG free and are the best representation of true South African dried meat in the UK. We sell our Biltong, Bites and drywors loose on the market and in our shop, this gives our customers the opportunity not only to buy the freshest Biltong, Drywors and Bites available but also in whatever quantities they like. We have found through our market trade analysis that the growing trend is for “wet Biltong” something we specialize in. The Biltong is not dry and chewy but more succulent and tasteful. Our drying process is unique, a lot of company’s out there mass produce biltong in quantities for packaging, this involves force drying the meat in a span of as little as 4 days in a drying chamber. We let our dry for 3.5 days at a very low base heat in the chamber and then another 4 days fan dried at room temperature, this gives our Biltong a superior taste, a softer texture and overall a better product, as I said before the best representation of true South African dried meat. This is the same for all our dried meats. We have various different flavors across our broad range of products, from original, garlic, chutney, chili through to our festival special super hot chili Biltong.

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